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Programs & Requirements


Many IT programs require either prior IT study or a school certificate or equivalent to enrol in the program.

Available TAFE Courses

  • Level III Certificate in Information Technology

Skills needed in an IT Apprenticeship

  • Logical problem solving skills
  • Ability to fix things
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to work independently

Personalities Suited to IT Apprenticeships

Among the traits that an IT apprentice should possess are an interest in computer technology and technical work. As well, an IT apprentice should be prepared to take on a broad range of IT tasks. Individuals must feel comfortable with both independent and group work environments.

IT Apprenticeships for School Leavers

A school certificate or equivalent is necessary for enrolment into some of the TAFE Level III Certificate programs in Information Technology, such as the TAFE NSW program. Therefore school leavers looking for IT apprenticeships NSW may need additional qualifications. Other programs simply require that a lower level TAFE Certificate be completed prior.

IT Apprenticeships for Adults

There are many opportunities for qualified adults to enter the emerging world of Information Technology. For a mature age apprentice who is looking for a new career path, IT apprenticeships can provide an array of opportunities in a range of technology fields.


Starting wage

The starting wage of an IT apprentice is determined by the employer, but it must meet or exceed a stipulated minimum wage. You can find the award for the apprenticeship you’re interested in by clicking here.

Future Earning Potential

Once qualified and following the completion of an IT apprenticeship earning capacity in the IT field varies with the many positions available in the IT sector, but IT wages are generally high.  For example, positions such as an IT Help Desk or IT Support Staff employee would receieve an average weekly wage of about $865.  Technician level positions may have a salary of about $1000 per week, and management level roles pay about $1600 per week.

Business Opportunities

There are many business prospects and possibilities for the future for those who have completed an IT apprenticeship.



The growth of the technology fields means that there are many IT apprenticeships available.

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