Training & Skills Needed to be an Electrician

Jul 26, in Hints & Tips

Doing an electrical apprenticeship is one of the most reputable, skilful, challenging, growing, and rewarding professions. If you are interested in getting involved with field of work and study, it is important that you come prepared with the qualifications and training that is required in order to take on the job. The employment opportunities for electricians now are looking positive and due to the increased public awareness of electrical safety, there is an even greater demand for the well qualified and trained electricians.

Probably the most successful and desirable electrician first begins the route to success by taking on an apprenticeship in electrical installation. In order to gain the apprenticeship position, you should have completed the general school courses in maths, science, and English while earning at least a C. Also, a pretty solid understanding of technical drawings is desirable, which can be conveniently accomplished due to the wealth of knowledge available on the internet.

By the time you finish your electrician apprenticeship, you will have to be able to easily read complex blueprints and mechanical drawings. Advanced apprenticeships generally take 3-4 years to complete and involve on the job employment and theory gained practices, which constitutes the theoretical aspect of becoming an electrician and supports the practical training gained on a daily basis. Certification is also an added advantage for becoming an electrician and preferred by most employers, so this will be made possible with your apprenticeship.

By the end of the apprenticeship, the trainee will be confident, prepared, and well rehearsed on daily job situations to carry out the necessary requirements of the profession.

Skills and qualities required in an electrician:

You cannot just become an electrician over night, it is important that you assess your abilities and interests and if you discover that it is the right path for you, then make sure that you are aware of all that it entails. Besides your technological interest and talent, you also need to be dexterous and possess excellent hand and eye coordination to be successful in this field.

It is necessary that you adapt a competence in maths in order to do electrical apprenticeships, because the job will entail a lot of problem solving and numbers, although more on the basic level. Also, you must be able to think fast and have strong analytical skills because you never know what a job task may bring and the ability to solve a problem quickly and efficiently will get you far. Y

ou will need to be able to follow procedures and guidelines precisely and methodically. In addition, you should not have a fear of heights because an electrician is usually required to go up and down ladders and on buildings all day. Finally, in order to succeed as an electrician, you must have good hand-eye coordination.

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