Tips for New Apprentices and Trainees

Jul 25, in Hints & Tips

Okay, so you’ve already landed a job as an apprentice…now what? Well, of course you need to perform, succeed and grow during your apprenticeship. To do that, here are a couple of tips for apprentices and trainees that you should keep in mind.

1. Attend Work

It may sound simple but if apprentices and trainees don’t attend work, not only do they miss out on valuable training they may also be in danger of losing their jobs and failing their apprenticeship. So come to work – on time, in proper uniform or working clothes, and with a positive outlook and a smile on your face. Everybody loves to work with someone who loves their work.

2. Keep Your Records

Make it a habit to keep all of your transaction records and your payroll records. While you may not need it most of the times, having your own records safe and accessible can protect you when there are misunderstandings regarding payment and other money matters.

3. Attend Off-Site Training

Just as it’s important to attend your on-the-job training, it’s just as important to attend your off-site training at your Registered Training Organisation. Here you will be learning critical skills and knowledge to support your off the job training and failure to attend these classes can severely affect your ability to complete your apprenticeship.

4. Learn as Much as You Can

Apprentices and trainees are undergoing training so they will be equipped for a successful career in their chosen trade. That said, you should learn as much as you can during your apprenticeship. On the job training provides wonderful opportunities to learn from actual experience and from experienced supervisors, so you should really learn as much as you can during your on-site and off-site trainings.

5. Develop a Strong Rapport With Co-Workers

Being the “young one” of the group might be a bit hard at times, but apprentices and trainees can also gain a lot from being the junior. For one, it’s very easy for you to be buddies with the rest of your co-workers. Use this opportunity to be one of the gang. This will only make you more productive in the long run.

Apprentices and trainees should also do their best during their apprenticeships or traineeships. Their training period is the first chapter in what they should aim to be a long and successful career. Aside from that, when you do your best, your employer is more likely to hire you after your finish your apprenticeship. So take care when you are undergoing your on-the-job training. Not only does your performance help your ability to succeed in your apprenticeship; this can also equip you with the actual work knowledge that when coupled with the off-site lessons, can help you become better than other apprentices.