Interviews: Before and After

Jan 14, in Hints & Tips

Treat any interview for an apprentice-position as seriously as you would one for any job interview. You will gain a lot by preparing. Think through how you will present yourself and how you would answer some likely questions about why you are applying and what your skills are. Make sure you get to your interview early, that you know the location and who you will meet. Bring pen and paper, as most often it is the small simple things that you need to remember but often forget.

Before the interview you might want to think why you’re interested in your chosen apprenticeship field. Decide what kinds of tasks you would like and how much you are able to work per week. Think carefully about what you would like to gain from your apprenticeship and how it may prepare you for a life as a professional in your field of choice.

After your interview, don’t forget to keep an eye out for attempts from the employer to contact you. If he or she has some further questions, answer them immediately to show that you are still keen. If you receive a negative answer, send a polite email and wish them luck with their choice. Perhaps later down the track, they will need a new apprentice and will remember you as polite and professional.

Always, follow up. If you really are interested in an apprentice-position it’s always a good idea to call them up or send an email some time after you have sent your application.

Don’t forget, when choosing a place for an apprenticeship, you should rank experience on top of any salary you might receive. If you have the chance of becoming an apprentice in a place you are truly interested in, take the chance and follow your passion.