Greenkeeping Apprentice and Landscaping Apprentice: The Differences

Mar 23, in Hints & Tips

How does working outside, in the fresh clean air, every day sound to you? Do you also like working with your hands? Have you ever considered getting into landscaping or greenkeeping?

If so, one of the most important things you will need to know is the difference between a greenkeeping apprentice and a landscaping apprentice. While these positions have a lot in common, there are also a number of significant differences.

Greenkeeping Apprentices

A greenkeeping apprentice receives their training under greenkeeping programs and is largely responsible for the maintenance, care, and overall appearance of golf courses.  They may be trained to work for private golf courses, hotels with golf facilities, and local authority leisure departments. These apprentices, as part of their training, are expected to uphold smooth playing surfaces and to ensure golf courses offers enjoyable experience for golfers out there.

A greenkeeping apprenticeship involves:

  • Topdressing and treating turf for sustaining smooth golf playing surfaces
  • Mowing turf using ride-on machines, tractors, and specialised hand mowers
  • Repairing damages on golf surfaces caused by animals and golfers as well
  • Removing debris and other particles, as well as early morning dew from the grasses
  • Upholding and renovating appearance of bunkers

A greenkeeping apprentice is also required to possess the following:

  • Ability to use different tools and equipment for maintaining golf courses
  • Sufficient knowledge on amenity turf maintenance
  • Knowledge on health and safety awareness
  • Interest in golf maintenance and working outdoors
  • Practical skills are also highly required

Landscaping Apprentices

On the other hand, a landscaping apprentice does not need to be so specialised in golf courses or turf-maintaining equipment. They need to be more interested in plants and possess the ability to work with different tools and carry weighty equipment for plant beautification, and the like. This is suitable for a diverse array of individuals and age groups. Another requirement is the possession of manual dexterity and keenness to work outdoors for long durations in different weather conditions. Absence of allergies to plants and plant chemicals, as well as good eyesight with colour vision are also essential characteristics for this role.
A landscaping apprentice is required to:

  • Plan, design, and integrate all elements of the design dealing with plants and its ornamentation
  • Transform gardens and parks into works of art
  • Pay close attention to colours, function, form, textures, and other design elements
  • Provide clients with technical expertise for landscaping
  • Execute practical knowledge in relation to horticulture, aesthetics, and design for quality works
  • Integrate irrigation and drainage systems, soil climate, and topography, surrounding infrastructures and facilities, lighting system, natural plants present in the area and any other measurable factors in addition to artistic elements
  • Engineer and design unique landscapes

Upon completion of their apprenticeship, the greenkeeping apprentice or landscaping apprentice will have strong job prospects and career opportunities. There is also the opportunity to start your own business using the on the job training and knowledge gained through the apprenticeship.