From Apprentice to Famous: Curtis Stone

Apr 7, in Hints & Tips

You’ve probably seen him on TV. You’ll at least recognise him. He’s made many recent guest appearances on the Master Chef show as well as the Biggest Loser. Curtis Stone is a Melbourne born, world famous master chef.  Like so many others, Curtis went to Uni before deciding that it wasn’t right for him.  While studying business, Curtis realised that his real passion was cooking.  Curtis laments: “Ever since I was young I’ve always been fascinated with food… I’ve always realised it was food that brought my family and friends closer together.”

Determined to fuel his passion, Curtis set out to sharpen his cooking skills by seeking an apprenticeship. When Curtis was only 18, he found work cooking at the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne.  Working hard with a variety of European chefs, Curtis refined his talents and learned what it took to be a respected chef.  After completing his apprenticeship as a chef, Curtis set off to train with a personal hero: legendary chef Marco Pierre White.  Having earned the respect of Marco, Curtis soon found himself as a head chef one of Marco’s famous restaurants.

Following his dream to bring people together over a fresh tasty meal Curtis fast earned the respect of the culinary work.  Curtis became a superstar writing a number of popular cookbooks, and gained even more international recognition working on popular televisions shows around the globe such as Saturday Kitchen (UK), Surfing the Menu, My Restaurant Rules , Take Home Chef (USA) and several appearances on The Biggest Loser.

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