Why Hire an Administration Trainee?

Jul 16, in Hints & Tips

Do you find yourself getting bogged down with administrative chores? Do you want to focus your attention more on your actual business rather than the admin side of things? If you feel like you need an extra hand then you might want to consider hiring a business administration trainee. There are a lot of advantages that your office or business will enjoy once you take in an administration trainee.

Reduced Overheads

Imagine having someone looking after all of the administrative chores at the office – and someone who isn’t costing your business an arm and a leg to do so. By hiring a business administration trainee you are gain access to a skilled employee at just a fraction of the cost. After all, trainee wages are a lot more affordable than wages of qualified professional. Administration traineeships involve offsite training and study through a Registered Training Organisation, such as TAFE, which means that they will be learning skills both on and off the job.

More Productive Workforce

Business administration involves work that supports the rest of the office workforce. An administration trainee can help support their coworkers by managing records and basic accounts of the office; producing important documents, including writing copy from notes or taking shorthand; assist the other staff members in their general duties; handle important internal or external enquiries; maintain and update databases; distributing important incoming mail, and managing outgoing mail and faxes; doing photocopying duties; filing and banking; and supporting the business managers, among others. This results in a more productive and efficient workforce.

Improved Efficiency

By doing these duties, those taking up administration traineeships end up helping the whole workforce, and help the whole team to be more productive. After all, not only does hiring an apprentice increase the morale of your existing employees, putting an apprentice to work on an important task such as administration helps improve the efficiency of the whole office.

Employer Incentives

Hiring anyone taking up administration traineeships also qualifies employers to receive incentives. There are many incentives available to employers who employ apprentices and put them to work. These incentives were put in place to help and entice employers to hire apprentices so they can undergo on the job training.

Future Employee

If all works out well, you might end up with the perfect addition to your team after your trainee finishes their traineeship successfully. On the job training is the perfect time to determine whether you should hire the apprentice after their traineeship and make them a permanent part of your employees. This is also the best time to train them to specifically meet the needs of your business.
There are indeed many benefits to hiring apprentices. Aside from the immediate advantages, your business can also enjoy the important advantage of ending up with a very valuable employee in the future.