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apprenticeships sydney
Feb 3, in Hints & Tips

When it comes to apprenticeships NSW can offer you not only a lot of industries to choose from, but apprenticeships for trades that are in very high demand, thereby offering you that all-important job security. However, once you enrol yourself in any of the apprenticeships Sydney offers, there are also a couple of things that are expected of you.

After all, since the Australian government has offered its strong support for the apprenticeships NSW provides, it’s pretty normal that they also expect the best performance from you.

Stick to it

Normally, your apprenticeship will run for around three years and, of course, you are expected to finish your apprenticeship training. Barring any unforeseen circumstance, there is really no reason why you won’t be able to stick to your 3-year apprenticeship. Also, the opportunity to earn while you learn is a very attractive enough reason for you to finish your training.

Financial incentives

Not having enough money to continue your apprenticeship training won’t even be a reason when you’ve enrolled yourself in the apprenticeships NSW has open since there are a number of financial assistance that are offered to apprentices like allowances (there’s a Youth Allowance for those aged 16-24, Austudy for apprentices aged over 24, and Abstudy for Indigenous Australians of any age), assistance for those who live away from home, assistance for apprentices with disabilities, and the tools payment initiative. Those who enroll to the apprenticeships NSW offers can avail of the financial assistance, depending, of course on their need. By offering these incentives to apprentices, the Australian government is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue a trade.


The apprenticeships Sydney has listed gives a lot of opportunities for individuals, like yourself, who are looking to start a career in a particular trade, however, there are some things that are expected of you, even if you are just starting out.

First of all, you really have to work hard, following all reasonable and lawful instructions from your employer. Your employers are there not only to hire you but to teach you your trade.

You are also expected to work hard to become a qualified tradesman in your particular industry. That’s why you should pass all trainings and assessment, and attend not only your on-the-job training, but your in-school training as well.

When it comes to apprenticeships Sydney is never lacking of opportunities. Whether you are still in school, or out of school, an adult, there are many open doors for you if you are looking to expand your horizons and start a meaningful career as a qualified tradesman. And when you get into an apprenticeship training, you will be taught the skills and knowledge that will help you get the meaningful career that you deserve.