Apprenticeship Tips: How to Chill & Get Stuff Done!

Apr 1, in Hints & Tips

People don’t appreciate being told to relax.  Everyone stresses out, and the last thing you want to hear when you’re stressing out, is some dude who obviously doesn’t understand the immense, head-rocking complexities of whatever it is that’s weighing on you, telling you to “just chill out, man.” That said, just chilling out (man) will help you accomplish a lot more than you could otherwise, without that nasty feeling that your brain might just erupt out the top of your skull like a modern day Mount Vesuvius.

Here are some tips on keeping relaxed that might help you accomplish your goal without having to get annoyed with Mr. Hakuna Matata.

Accept clichés: Old modes of relaxation are constantly endorsed, to the point where your stress can increase just from hearing them.  And yet, these aphorisms are brought up constantly because they work.  Things like breathing deeply, counting to ten before saying something, or just taking some time to sort out whatever it is that’s going on in your head; all these methods can be a big help.

Identify the Source: A lot of times you can feel stressed without even knowing where the stress is coming from.  For instance, if some school work that’s due in a couple of days is giving you some fits, try to take a break.  Check on yourself and see whether you’re hungry or tired.  If hungry, eat, if tired, take a power nap.  You’d be surprised at how often these basic human functions are affecting your mood much more severely than the school work.

Delegate: Let’s take that school work example again.  You know you aren’t hungry after that enormous dinner and you are somehow not tired either (I don’t know how you do it.)  It turns out you really can’t do the school work; you legitimately do not understand how to go about completing it.  Guess what?  There are people in the world who do, and some of them may even be your fellow students.  Call one, and have them help you.  Even if they can’t, it will still ease your mind to know someone else is having just as much trouble as you are.  You can also ask a parent, email your teacher, or look online for hints and tips.  When you delegate your work in this way, the burden on you lightens and your stress fades.

Don’t Procrastinate: Probably the hardest one to follow, especially since you might be procrastinating reading this post (although hopefully it’s been some help).  Procrastinating might seem like a good way to reduce stress, but when you finally turn your attention to the matter at hand, you’re going to have less time to deal with it, and your stress is going to increase tenfold.

Use these tips and you’ll be maxin’ and relaxin’ in no time.  Man.

Photo by cmoewes