A Day in the Life of an Apprentice Signwriter

apprentice signwriter
Apr 11, in Hints & Tips

Signwriters (sign industry workers) design, plan, create and manufacture display signs for buildings, boats and other structures. As an apprentice signwriter, you will learn all the tips and techniques of the signwriting trade directly from a fully qualified tradesman already making it in the industry.

Your apprenticeship will consist of both offsite and onsite training. Your on-the-job training will be putting everything into use that you’ve learned during the theory-based off-the-job classes.

Duties of an Apprentice Signwriter

  • As an apprentice signwriter you will be responsible for cleaning and taking care of tools and equipment. You will make sure the work area is clear before and after the job is done.
  • As an apprentice signwriter, you are in charge of removing the old paint. You will then be asked to prepare the paint, mix colours and lay down the first layers of paint – if necessary.
  • Setting up the scaffolding is an important task that you will undertake when work is being carried out on elevated surfaces.
  • Talking to clients and discussing the job that needs to be done. After talking to your clients you might be asked to create a draft design and show it to them.
  • After getting approval for the draft design, your job is to create the final design that will be used for the project. You will learn how to use computer software to make the design and then produce them using cutting machines.

What Makes an Apprentice Signwriter?

A passion for design is needed to succeed as an apprentice signwriter. If you wish to succeed in this industry, you will need to be creative and know the basic rules of design. If you love creating works of art and playing with colours, you will enjoy a career in signwriting.

You will need to be physically fit and healthy as you may be required to do some heavy lifting from time to time. You should also be comfortable working at heights because there are jobs that will be carried out on scaffolding.

As your signwriting skills develop, you should also develop your people skills. This job isn’t just about signs and painting, it’s also about your clients and what they want. Being good with people and having a happy disposition will be helpful for success. You want to get along with people and communicate effectively with them to ensure you produce what they desire.