1st Year Apprentice Wages Information

Feb 27, in Hints & Tips

One of the best things about undergoing an apprenticeship is that you get paid while you learn. So for those of you who are considering undergoing an apprenticeship, here’s what you can expect when it comes to your 1st year apprentice wages for your on the job training.

Get Paid While You Learn

First of all, you will only get your 1st year apprentice wages when you are doing your on the job training. You will not be paid any wages just for attending class. Still, you will have to do well in your studies, since doing well in both aspects of your apprenticeship will help you ensure you pave the way to a successful (and prosperous) career.

It is also natural that your 1st year apprentice wages start off relatively low, at only around $265 per week. But don’t be discouraged. Work hard and succeed in your first year of apprenticeship and your wage will increase as your progress through your training. You need to remember that you are getting paid while you are being trained and learning. When you consider that people studying at university earn nothing through their studies, you’ve got to admit it’s a pretty good deal!

Next thing you know, you will be earning more and if you keep on doing great on your apprenticeship and your subsequent career, your wages will surely increase.

Other 1st year apprentice Financial Assistances

Aside from your 1st year apprentice wages, you will also be entitled to receive any of the different allowances during your training. Whether you will be entitled to these allowances and financial assistances depends on your personal income, background, living circumstances and the type of training you are undertaking. There are the Tools of the Trade Allowance, the Youth Allowance, the Austudy Allowance and the Abstudy Allowance.

Budgeting on a 1st year apprentice’s wages

If it seems that even with the allowances, your 1st year apprentice wages still seem inadequate, just remember that there are other people out there who are surviving and have survived on even less. The trick is to start planning your budget, which you might not have done before this. Still, it’s going to be something that you will do as long as you are earning money for your own needs. The trick in making sure that your budget work is discipline.