Benefits Of Employing An Apprentice

The main benefit of using apprenticepower to help employ the right apprentice/trainee is that Apprentice Hosts know exactly what an apprentice or trainee costs per hour. Apprenticepower only recovers time the apprentice is at your workplace, making it easy to accurately cost jobs.

We take the headache out of apprenticeships!

apprenticepower liaise with the Australian Apprenticeship Center (AAC), Registered Training Organisations (RTO), the Department of Education & Training (DET) and also look after all the adminisatration in relation to wages, accruals, leave entitlements, superannuation and workers compensation. This allows you to have an apprentice or trainee in your workplace and focus on the important stuff – your business.

Our Apprenticeship Support Managers (ASM’s) provide a professional support service to your business and the apprentice/trainee. Quarterly visits are conducted to ensure the best outcomes are achieved with additional visits to address specific issues throughout the term of the apprenticeship/traineeship.

The needs of your business are assessed prior to the placement of an apprentice/trainee and are reviewed on a continual basis. We specialise in recruiting the right people for apprenticeships and traineeships having over 29 years experience in doing so. We have annual intakes as well as accept job seekers throughout the year. We work closely with schools and career markets to attract the best job seekers and provide information sessions at schools so job seekers can make informed decisions.

Your business will receive a weekly invoice for only the hours the apprentice/trainee was in your workplace, allowing you to accurately cost jobs and providing transparent costs for budgeting.

In summary, we offer the following service provisions:

  • Our support staff have low ratios of apprentices, which means you are assured higher levels of service. Typically, our Apprenticeship Support Managers (ASMs) have 50 to 60 apprentices/trainees they look after, which is significantly lower than the 100 (and over) that is commonplace in most other group training companies.
  • We have a long history of working closely with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).
  • We ensure that where multiple apprentices are hosted at one worksite, arrangements are made to reduce disruption to work flows.
  • Our ASMs provide quarterly assessments for the apprentice or trainee. ASMs will conduct additional site visits to address specific matters as necessary.
  • Applicants undergo assessment to ensure they have the commitment and aptitude to do the job applied for. Successful applicants are employed and registered as apprentices/trainees with apprenticepower. We will provide a professional support service through our ASMs. A probationary period of one month for trainees and three months for apprentices is applicable for new entrants (1st Year).