How do Group Training Organisations Work?

Feb 19, in Employer Help

There are many great advantages that come with hiring apprentices, and with the help of a Group Training Organisation (GTO) it couldn’t be easier. By helping employers and apprentices Group Training Organisations provide employers with an almost “hand-off” approach when hiring an apprentice.

That way, employers can enjoy the benefits of having apprentices in their employ, while still having the time to focus on their business.

How It Works

The role of Group Training Organisations Australia-wide is to employ each apprentice for the duration of their apprenticeship. As the GTO employs the apprentice, they are the ones who are responsible with the apprentice’s payroll and other paperwork. They also screen these apprentices before they hire them, utilising their extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, to ensure they employ only the best talent available. This gives you as an employer access to the best of the best, when it comes to apprentices. All you need to do is provide the apprentice’s on-the-job training.

Employer Advantages

All of the Group Training Organisations Australia has on offer are the ones who handle all of the relevant paperwork when employing an apprentice. This gives employers more time to focus on their business. Aside from that, they also enjoy the services of a skilled apprentice. Because, employers can contact GTOS and hire apprentices for a set period of time, employers are also given much more flexibility in hiring apprentices. If you’re a business, for example, that needs apprentices for just half a year, then you’ll get exactly that. No need to employ an apprentice for the entire duration of their apprenticeship, which can last up to four years.

Apprentice Advantages

Employers aren’t the only ones who enjoy benefits from Group Training Organisations; apprentices also enjoy some perks when they are employed by GTOs. For one, they provide apprentices with a steady stream of work. That means that they don’t have to waste time going around and looking for employment. They also pay apprentice wages in accordance to the relevant Award rate and provide them with the support they need to succeed in their apprenticeship.

Great For Business

First of all, Group Training Organisations provide employers with an easy and quick way to hire apprentices. Likewise, it becomes convenient and cost effective for employers to hire apprentices for only as long as they need the services. This provides their businesses with great opportunities for better production. Employers won’t be as hesitant to hire apprentices as well since they won’t have such a hard time with the process. And with the many advantages that hiring apprentices provides, businesses will boom – and a profitable business is always good for everybody involved.