What to Look for in an Apprenticeship Résumé

May 28, in Employer Help

When hiring an apprentice, their apprenticeship résumé is important as to gain a first glimpse into the applicant and gauge their interests, experience, education, motivations and suitability for your position.

As an employer, it is essential you look for certain things in the résumé to determine whether they would be suitable for the position and whether you should get them in for an interview.

Here are a couple of things that you should look for in an apprenticeship résumé.

Cover Letter

A cover letter can speak a thousand words. Most of the employers are able to decide whether to hire or ignore an applicant just by reading the cover letter that comes with their apprenticeship résumé. From their grammar, to their sentence structure, to the context and content of their cover letters, there’s a lot that you can know about an apprentice even before you look at their résumé. If you discover that a cover letter is extremely poorly written, you may be able to save yourself time and pass on the applicant right there and then.


An apprenticeship résumé should be well structured and organised. This is one thing that is taught to everyone who is creating a résumé. Information should be given in descending order of relevance, to help employers see the key information relevant to the job opening first. When you read a résumé or cover letter that is tailored to your job opening, it means the apprentice has gone through lengths to make the résumé appropriate. This is an apprentice who thinks not only in advanced, but has an eye for detail and is serious about the role.

Job History

Although the apprentice may not have direct experience in the role you are offering, you may be able to draw an understanding of their work ethic and general skills from other jobs they may have done. Look for roles where they have had to work as part of a team and on their own. Look for roles where they have had to work under the direct supervision of a manager or supervisor.


Truthfulness isn’t just about being accurate. It’s more about giving the correct information to the employers. While one wrong entry can easily be ignored, providing false information: like false skills or fake job histories should be a cause for alarm. If the applicant is happy to falsify personal information, what will they do when they are under your employ?


Another tip that is given to job hunters writing their résumé is to proofread their work. Submitting a cover letter or a résumé that is full of misspellings or improper use of the English language should definitely be seen as a red flag. The job might not need an English professor, but you will want someone who is attentive to detail and strives for quality.
Check each résumé for these things and you will have an easier time choosing your apprentice. If you scan the résumés properly, you give yourself the best shot at hiring a great apprentice and a long-term employee.