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Electrical Apprenticeship Programs & Requirements

In order to become an electrical apprentice, an individual must have successfully completed year 10 or equivalent and have good mathematical skills.

Electrical apprenticeships take four years to complete and includes both on and off the job training.

Requirements to enter the industry:

  • Certificate III or IV (relevant experience may also be required)

Available TAFE Courses

  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology Career Start (Electrical)
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology Career Start (Electrical/Refrigeration)

Valuable Electrical Apprenticeship Skills

  • Good eyesight
  • Colour vision (for colour coded wires)
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Mathematical and technical ability
  • Precision and attention to detail
  • Team work
  • Diagnostic and problem solving abilities
  • Practical aptitude for mechanics and electronics

Personalities Suited to Electrical Apprenticeship Jobs

Electricians often have extensive contact with the public and therefore it is important that they be sociable. As well, the job may require an individual to work in small, confined spaces and to stand for long periods of time. A fear of heights may deter some individuals as an electrician may be required to work at heights. A job site may be indoors or out and an individual must be able to lift equipment and supplies weighing up to 16 kilograms. As well, there are always risks with working with electricity on the job.

Electrical Apprenticeships for School Leavers

Generally, electrical apprenticeships require you to have completed Year 10 and have basic numeracy and literacy skills.

As well, completion of Year 11 Foundation Math and good English and numeracy skills are beneficial.

Electrical Apprenticeships for Adults

A support program for adult apprentices in the electrical apprenticeship field exists to financially assist individuals while they are completing their apprenticeship. The individual must be 25 years of age or older and be completing a level III or IV Certificate to receive this benefit.

Electrical Apprenticeship Wages

Starting wage

Below is an example of a weekly wage as an electrical apprentice. All amounts are approximate and may depend on your age, competency and previous training:

  • 1st year- $280.00 per week
  • 2nd year- $390.00 per week
  • 3rd year- $530.00 per week
  • 4th year- $630.00 per week

The salary for all automotive apprenticeships is determined according to the relevant industry award. You can find the award for the apprenticeship you’re interested in by clicking here.

Future Earning Potential

Once qualified and following the completion of an electrical apprenticeship, the average an electrician earns around $950 per week. However, this wage depends on what sector of the trade you are working in. For example, those working with power lines earn around $1175 per week and those involved in the electrical and telecommunications sector can expect $1200 per week.

Business Opportunities

Many electricians choose to work for themselves. In doing so, their earning potential becomes significantly larger.

Electrical Apprenticeship Jobs


Currently there is a national shortage of electricians and growth in employment in this industry is expected to increase therefore career and electrical apprenticeship opportunities are readily available.

So what are you waiting for? If you think you have what it takes for an Electrical Apprenticeship view our listings by clicking here.