Chef Apprenticeships Apply Now!

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Programs & Requirements

Available TAFE Courses

  • Level III Certificate in Hospitality (commercial cookery)
  • Level IV Certificate (if you plan to enter a small restaurant or cafe with fewer employees)

These certificates include courses in Food Studies, Ethnic Cooking, Hospitality, Gastronomy, and Vegetable Carving.


  • Creativity
  • Determination and rive
  • People skills

Personalities Suited to Chef Apprenticeships

Individuals best suited to this job demonstrate an interest in cooking and food preparation. They enjoy working with their hands and as part of a team.

Chef Apprenticeships for School Leavers

A school certificate or equivalent is necessary for enrolment into some TAFE Level III Certificate programs in Hospitality, such as the TAFE NSW program. In addition, the program requires that all students be eighteen years of age due to laws regarding the service of alcohol. School leavers looking for a Chef apprenticeship NSW may need additional qualifications or can enrol in lower level school related programs where they can complete years 11 and 12 while working as an apprentice.

Chef Apprenticeships for Adults

There are many opportunities for mature age apprentices who are looking for a new career path however they must be willing to work hard and at a quick pace. They should enter a trade school to learn basic methods and form a foundation before throwing themselves into the vigorous atmosphere of a working kitchen.


Starting wage

The wage an apprentice Chef earns is dependent on their progress through the apprenticeship program. The following represents the average wages of current apprentice Chefs:

  • First Year Apprentice Chef: $6.51 per hour
  • Second Year Apprentice Chef: $7.64 per hour
  • Third Year Apprentice Chef: $9.49 per hour
  • Fourth Year Apprentice Chef: $11.31 per hour

Please note: The salary for all chef and cooking apprenticeships is determined according to the relevant industry award. You can find the award for the apprenticeship you’re interested in by clicking here.

Future Earning Potential

Once qualified and after completing a chef apprenticeship,you could expect to earn the average salary of a Chef in a restaurant or kitchen of $52,135 per year.

Business Opportunities

There are many business prospects and possibilities for the future for those who have completed a Chef’s apprenticeship including the opportunity to open your own restaurant or cafe. Chefs who choose to open their own business can earn a much higher revenue.



The ever growing food industry means that there are many Chef apprenticeships available.

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