Apprenticeship Legislation

Aug 7, in Employers

The various legislative acts that relate to the administration of apprenticeships and traineeships include;

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Employers Guide To The Apprentice Incentive Scheme

Aug 1, in Employer Help, Employers

There are various employer obligations in apprenticeships and traineeships, aimed at maximising the learning potential of an apprentice in the offered position. To begin with, the Apprentice Incentive Scheme is aimed at; Read More

popular apprenticeships

Popular Sydney Apprenticeships

Mar 21, in Employers, Hints & Tips

Wondering what Sydney apprenticeships are in demand? Whether you’re an apprentice or an employer, knowing about which apprenticeships are in demand in Sydney can help you in many ways. As an apprentice this will give you the idea which skills are currently in demand.

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How to Reduce Apprentice Attrition: Part 4

Jul 2, in Employers

When you’ve hired your young apprentice, how are you going to keep them working with and for you until they finish their apprenticeship training? When it comes to retaining your apprentice the first 100 days of the apprentice training is very crucial. Read More


How to Reduce Apprentice Attrition: Part 3

Jun 29, in Employers

Choosing and employing the right apprentice for your job can mean success for both you and your new apprentice. To better make your decision, here are some things that you should know or do before employing an apprentice.

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How to Reduce Apprentice Attrition: Part 2

Jun 27, in Employers

In an effort to lessen the 30% non-completion rate of Australian apprentices, the Australian Government commissioned a study.  It was to find out the reasons behind the very large non-completion rate in young apprentices during the first 100 days of their apprenticeship. Read More


How to Reduce Apprentice Attrition: Part 1

Jun 25, in Employers

The first one hundred days are a crucial time in the life of a first year apprentice. It is during this time that most apprentices discontinue their training. According to past data by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, an alarming 30% of apprentices are terminated in the first three to six months.

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The 2011 Western Sydney Apprenticeship & Traineeship Expo is almost here!

Aug 18, in Employers, Hints & Tips

Western Sydney Apprenticeship & Traineeship Expo

Penrith Panthers Exhibition Marquee – Mulgoa Road

Tuesday September 6, 2011
4pm – 5:30pm        Early-bird Session
5:30pm – 9pm        Free Public Entry

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apprenticepower’s Biggest Morning Tea

May 11, in Employers, Hints & Tips

Every Cup Counts in the Fight Against Cancer!

What could you do in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea? How about helping to cure cancer? Raise a cup this year and support the Cancer Council in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, 2011.

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