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training needs analysis

Hiring an Apprentice Checklist

Apr 30, in Employer Help

Hiring an apprentice can be a complicated process, especially if you are doing it for the first time and on your own. To help you out we’ve created a simple employer checklist for you to follow when hiring an apprentice.

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looking for an apprentice

Looking for an Apprentice? Tips & Advice

Apr 18, in Employer Help

If you are looking for an apprentice, then you should know that whatever industry you are involved in, it is worth hiring an Australian Apprentice as they can provide your business with real benefits in addition to contributing to your bottom line.

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employer incentives

Employer Incentives for Traineeships

Apr 16, in Employer Help

The Australian government provides employer incentives for traineeships to encourage employers to take up trainees. For this to happen, the employer has got to satisfy the eligibility criteria that is set out in the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Guidelines.

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training needs analysis

Steps to Assessing Your Training Needs

Feb 7, in Employer Help

If you are to put in place the right training for your business, then you need to undertake a training needs analysis in order to identify the skills needs of your workers and your workplace.
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hiring an apprentice

The Advantages of Hiring an Apprentice

Jan 21, in Employer Help

Hiring an apprentice can provide real benefits for your business. Not only will your business experience reduced overheads, increased productivity and be eligible for government incentives, you will also be able to cost effectively improve the talent of your team.

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training employees

Upskill your Existing Employees with Apprenticeships

Jan 18, in Employer Help

There are numerous benefits of supporting your existing employees to increase their skills with an apprenticeship. If you are training employees with apprenticeships, then you need to know that an existing worker refers to an employee that has a 3 month or more full-time equivalent of a working relationship with an employer.

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hiring an apprentice for your workplace

Hiring an Apprentice for your Workplace

Dec 19, in Employer Help

An Australian apprenticeship combines practical work with learning that is structured and leads to a nationally recognised qualification. It provides apprentices with the necessary job experience to enable them get started in the career of their choice. Read More

employing an apprentice in nsw

Employing an Apprentice in NSW

Dec 14, in Employer Help

Employing an apprentice in NSW requires an understanding of how the apprenticeship system is governed by State and Federal governments. Apprentices can provide real benefits for your business. This is mainly because your new trainee or apprentice can quite significantly contribute to your bottom line with knowledge and practical skills acquired through their training. In addition, taking up an apprentice can make you eligible for a range of government financial assistance.

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australian apprenticeships

The National Code of Good Practice for Australian Apprenticeships

Dec 5, in Employer Help, Hints & Tips

To make sure that Australian Apprenticeships go through without a hitch for both the employer and the Australian apprentice as they enter a training contract, the National Code of Good Practice for Australian Apprenticeships has been developed. The Code protects the employer and the Australian apprentice equally.

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All You Need to Know About Training Apprentices

Nov 30, in Employer Help

Training apprentices or trainees during their apprenticeship or traineeship involves both off-site and on-site training and learning. There are just so many things that a new apprentice needs to learn and so many things that the apprentice will work on and experience during their apprenticeship. Read More