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Group Training Employment Explained

Sep 16, in Employer Help

Of all the options available to you when you when you want to hire apprentices, Group Training employment just might be the best. Get the most out of hiring an apprentice or trainee by finding out more about Group Training employment, its benefits and how it can help you hire the right apprentice.

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Supervising an Apprentice

Jul 28, in Employer Help

Employers and workplace supervisors play an important role in the success of traineeships and apprenticeships. Indeed, a capable supervisor can make workplace apprentice training both meaningful and enjoyable for themselves and for the trainee or apprentice. Remember that under the industrial arrangements, the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act as well as the training contract, appropriate supervision is a legal requirement.
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How do Group Training Organisations Work?

Feb 19, in Employer Help

There are many great advantages that come with hiring apprentices, and with the help of a Group Training Organisation (GTO) it couldn’t be easier. By helping employers and apprentices Group Training Organisations provide employers with an almost “hand-off” approach when hiring an apprentice.

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Steps to Employ an Apprentice

Feb 13, in Employer Help

Have you thought to yourself I want to employ an apprentice? But have no idea where to start? We’ve put together a few steps on how to employ an apprentice to help you find the perfect apprentice for your business.
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The Benefits of Employing Apprentices

Dec 16, in Employer Help

Whatever industry you are involved in, apprentices and trainees have various benefits for your business. From increasing workplace productivity, to reducing overheads and improving team morale, hiring an apprentice can give your business the competitive edge it’s been looking for.

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How to Hire an Apprentice

Nov 6, in Employer Help

Apprenticeships have various benefits for your business as they provide you with employees that meet the needs of your business. If you would like to employ an apprentice, this guide will introduce you to the keys steps on how to hire an apprentice. Read More


Employers Guide To The Apprentice Incentive Scheme

Aug 1, in Employer Help, Employers

There are various employer obligations in apprenticeships and traineeships, aimed at maximising the learning potential of an apprentice in the offered position. To begin with, the Apprentice Incentive Scheme is aimed at; Read More

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Australian Apprenticeships Support Services

Jul 15, in Employer Help, Hints & Tips

There are various Australian Apprenticeships support services that are available to apprentices and employers through Australian Apprenticeships Centres. The Australian Apprenticeships Centres are generally contracted and funded by the Australian government to provide support services and information to employers, trainees and apprentices.

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What are the National Employment Standards?

May 9, in Employer Help

The National Employment Standards also referred to as NES are the minimum standards that apply to employment of employees. Here we look at what is covered by the NES and what you as an employer should know in order to meet these standards.

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Government Incentives for Employers of Apprentices

May 7, in Employer Help

The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program provides different incentives aimed at assisting employers that take on Australian Apprentices especially in certain trade that are experiencing a skills shortage.
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