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Different Career Pathways for a Fitter Machinist

Oct 11, in About The Jobs

A fitter machinist is a professionally trained trades person with specialized skills in mechanical fitting and metal machining. Fitter jobs majorly entail assembling of parts and sub assembles made from metals and other materials to make production machinery and other equipment. Read More


Administration Trainee: The Basic Skills

Sep 23, in About The Jobs

There are a lot of skills that you will need to develop or have if you are looking to become an administration trainee. If you want to be as successful as possible and give yourself the best possible chance at excelling, read about and develop the skills below. Read More


Apprentice Scaffolder – Description & Prospects

Sep 19, in About The Jobs

Finding employment as an apprentice scaffolder is an ideal way to earn rewarding wages and benefit from a wide variety of opportunities in the construction industry. Scaffolders are general responsible for following written instructions and erecting the working platforms that are built in accordance with blueprints and other construction drawings. Read More


Necessary automotive apprenticeship skills

Sep 4, in About The Jobs

Succeeding in an automotive apprenticeship means you have to be an effective automotive apprentice. And to succeed being an apprentice, earn your qualification, and get started on a lucrative career as a mechanic, you need to have these five essential skills or at least learn them along the way. Read More


Mechanic Training – An introduction to the various types

Aug 19, in About The Jobs

If you love vehicles and love tinkering with them, then you are a perfect fit for undergoing diesel mechanic training and pursuing a career in the Automotive Industry. There’s a great career and future waiting for you when you take an Automotive Apprenticeship, but do you have what it takes? Are you prepared to learn all the skills needed to become an expert in the field?

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Qualities of great engineers

Aug 15, in About The Jobs

What turns a humble apprentice engineer taking an engineering apprenticeship into one of the great engineers of the industry? If you want to be more than just one of the crowd and stand out from your fellows, even while you still just an apprentice engineer, then you need to posses or hone the following skills. Read More


Develop these skills for an electric career

Aug 9, in About The Jobs

Looking to enroll yourself in an electrical apprenticeship so you can start a career in the electrical industry? Well, being an apprentice electrician doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have an electric and rewarding electrical career. However, you can achieve this goal by starting early and honing and developing the following skills: Read More


Australian Apprenticeship Wages

Jul 29, in About The Jobs

Apprenticeship wages are usually a proportion of what a fully qualified worker, who has completed their apprenticeship, is paid. However, apprentice wages NSW wide also depend on how long you have been in the apprenticeship. For example, if you are in the second year of a four year apprenticeship, you may get 70% of the wages of a qualified tradesperson. This will also vary from first year apprentice wages and 3rd year apprentice wages among others.

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Chef Adding Sauce To Dish In Restaurant Kitchen

Chef skills to set you apart

Jul 25, in About The Jobs, Hints & Tips

Anybody can take chef apprenticeships, but not everyone can be called the best apprentice chef among many aspiring and future chefs. And when you’re looking to set yourself apart from all the other aspiring chefs out there taking chef apprenticeships, you need these skills to become one of the crème de la crème. Oh, and these skills don’t include “cooking”.
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An Introduction into Hospitality Training

Jul 23, in About The Jobs

Hospitality training is your entry point into a very vibrant and dynamic industry that offers a lot of opportunities and future experiences. If you love handling and preparing food and interacting with other people, then the hospitality industry will welcome you with open arms. Find out what it takes to enter into a rewarding and enjoyable career in the hospitality industry.

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