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Programs and Requirements

Available TAFE Courses

  • Certificate III in Business Administration


  • Strong literacy skills
  • Language and numeracy skills
  • Familiarity with MS office
  • Computer skills
  • Familiarity with financial processes

Personalities Suited to Business Administration Traineeships

Some personal attributes that a business administration trainee might possess include being able to work methodically, accurately, and neatly, good oral and communication skills, and the ability to work as part of a team.

In addition, it is suggested that you will have a great advantage in earning your business administration traineeship if you have undertaken extra computer related studies, office/business related subjects, familiar with financial skills, had previous paid work experience (particularly in clerical work), and you have an eye for detail and are accurate.

Business Administration Traineeships for School Leavers

There are many business administration traineeship opportunities available for school leavers and they are continually encouraged to apply for the openings by employers.

Business Administration Traineeships for Adults

It is quite common and strongly suggested to begin pursuing a business administration apprenticeship as an adult because of the ability to start a new professional lifestyle by getting involved with a new job prosepect. The classes and training given throughout the year are flexible around your lifestyle and easily attainable with the right mindset and focus. Also, the government ensures that adults are able to receive these traineeships when desired.


Starting Wage

The weekly salary is dependent on your education levels and years out of school, but usually start from $293.00 per week. The salary for all business administration traineeships is determined according to the relevant industry award. You can find the award for the apprenticeship you’re interested in by clicking here.

Future Earning Potential

In apprenticeship jobs it is difficult to know what to expect from a salary, business administration opens up many possible career paths, each with varying levels of supply and demand. You have the ability to earn a very high salary once you successfully complete your traineeship and earn a professional position especially in the mid to senior levels.

Business Opportunities

Many opportunities are available to those individuals who pursue a Business Administration Traineeship. Possible fields include accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, information technology, legal studies. Many individuals eventually manage their own companies, substantially increasing their earning potential.

Traineeship Jobs


There are constantly business administration traineeship vacancies. Apply online today!

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