Your Obligations

Training Contract Obligations

For the employer, apprentice or trainee, and parent or guardian (where applicable)

We agree that:

  1. The Contract commences from the date stated, provided that it has been registered or approved under the provision of the relevant State/Territory legislation
  2. The Contract can only be changed by our agreement and according to State/Territory legislation and the State/Territory Training Authority must be informed of the proposed change/s. In some States/Territories approval for the change/s must be sought
  3. The apprentice/trainee can see, and correct, any information about himself/herself in this Contract or held by the employer in relation to this Contract
  4. We will try to resolve any dispute we have between us, and if we can’t, we will contact our State/Territory Training Authority to request assistance or to access the appropriate dispute resolution processes.
  5. The Contract can be audited by the relevant State/Territory Training author or Australian Government Department
  6. The Contract is successfully completed when there is agreement from the employer, Registered Trainee Organisation and apprentice/trainee, and/or an acknowledgement by the State/Territory Training Authority, that the apprentice/trainee has attained all the required competencies
  7. This Contract expires if it reaches the expected term of the contract referred to in question 4 without the apprentice/trainee haven attained al the required competencies or a request for an extension of the contract haven been endorsed by a State/Territory Trainee Authority
  8. This Contract may be terminated in accordance with the relevant State/Territory legislation

For the employer

I agree that I will:

  1. Employ and train the apprentice/trainee as agreed in our Training Plan and ensure the apprentice/trainee understands the choices that he/she has regarding the training
  2. Provide the appropriate facilities and experienced people to facilitate the training and supervise the apprentice/trainee while at work, in accordance with the Training Plan
  3. Make sure the apprentice/trainee receives on-the-job training and assessment in accordance with our Training Plan
  4. Provide work that is relevant and appropriate to the vocation and also achievement of the qualification referred to in this Contract
  5. Release the apprentice/trainee from work and pay the appropriate wages to attend any training and assessment specified in our Training Plan
  6. Meet all legal requirement regarding the apprentice/trainee, including but not limited to, occupational health and safety requirements and payment of wages and conditions under the relevant employment arrangements
  7. Repay any payment I receive that I am not entitled to
  8. Work with our RTO and the apprentice/trainee to make sure we follow our Training Plan, keep training records up-to-date, and monitor and support the apprentice/trainee’s progress; and
  9. Let the relevant State/Territory Training Authority and the RTO know within five working days (or when the local State/Territory legislation requires, if this is different) if our Trainee contract has become jeopardised.

I acknowledge that it is an offence to use information in the Contract to discriminate against any person, including the apprentice/trainee.

For the apprentice/trainee

I agree that I will:

  1. Attend work, do my job, and follow my employer’s instruction, as long as they are lawful
  2. Work towards achieving the qualification states in our Training contract
  3. Undertake any training and assessment in our Training Plan.

For the parent or guardian

I agree that I will:
Uphold the responsibilities listed above for the apprentice/trainee until this person is 18 years of age.